“I love this book. I was fond of the earlier edition, but this one, riddled with beauty, flecked with wisdom.. is likely to remain recommended reading for the next few generations.”
Mark Fadiman, Author of The Psychedelic Explorers Guide

“This is an intellectually refreshing book in that it tackles profound religious questions and spiritual ideas in a serious, even eloquent way."
Salon Online.

“Zig Zag Zen is a treasure trove: inspiring, frightening, powerful, funny, eye-opening, and a source of great wisdom on a subject that our society finds endlessly confusing.” —Mark Epstein, Author The Trauma of Everyday Life and Going to Pieces Without Falling Apart.

“This insightful, uplifting compendium will open hearts and minds and enliven your spirit.” Martin A Lee, author of Acid Dreams and Smoke Signals

“An extraordinary ride and guide down the corridors of the mystical psychedelic inward journey that will be of great interest and value to any serious explorer of spiritual insight.” Ganga White, Author of Yoga Beyond Belief.

“Excellent collection of essays regarding the use of chemicals as a tool in the search for theological answers.” Jonathan Burt, GoodReads